This site is divided into four main sections.

Books on Surrey, listed by Borough

(books that relate mainly to one place within the County of Surrey)

Books that relate to Surrey in general

(topographical, historical or archaeological books & ephemera)

UK wide Topographical Ephemera & Books

(listed by Region/County)

General Ephemera and Books

(on subjects such as Archaeology, Architecture, Film, History, Sport, Topography and Transport)


This site was originally set up to advertise my guided 'Heritage Walks' around Woking & North-West Surrey,

but then got 'swamped' with my articles on Woking's History, my archive, and my numerous publications.

Most of that was moved to my new site (

leaving this site redundant - until now.

If you look at the 'library' section of my website, you will see that I have quite a collection of local history books, not just on Woking, but the whole of Surrey. That collection has been built up over years of rummaging through antique shops, charity shops and booksales, with inevitably a number of books being bought twice (sometimes by mistake, but often because I wanted to make certain they ended up in a good home, rather than being pulped).

Since 2020 I have been selling on a well-known internet selling site some of these duplicate copies (under the title of 'heritagewalks'), but with their fees on both the selling price and postage, there are some books that are not really worth selling that way (by the time you add in the packaging and a trip to the post office, it would end up costing me money)!

So I now intend to use this site as a sort of on-line 'BOOKSHOP', with a section of my office in West End, Woking, as an actual site where the items can be viewed and purchased in person.

I am starting with just the duplicate books I have specific to the Borough of Woking and neighbouring boroughs, followed by general topographical, historical and archaeological books on Surrey in general (and eventually my entire 'shop' of second-hand books and ephemera covering the whole of the Birtish Isles)

All of the items are second-hand (so will not be in perfect condition), but most are reasonably good (given their age). The prices shown are for single items (I will offer a discount for bulk purchases) and does not include postage - so if you cannot visit in person, please email me for an idea of the cost of P&P.

Some of the items are those that are on sale on Ebay, so if you are interested in a particular item, please check that it is still in stock (there will inevitably be a lag between an item being sold there and its removal from the list here).

I should also point out that I do not have any facility for 'card' payments, so all purchases will have to be either in cash, by BACS transfer, or

(if you must) by PAYPAL. Again please email me for details.

the email address is

All books can be viewed in person,

by appointment, at the offices of


5 Country Business Centre,

Lucas Green Road, West End,

Woking, GU24 9LZ

(normal office hours are Monday-Thursday 8am-5pm and Friday 8am-1pm)